gray days

by David

This week started out nicely. Had two days of sun, yet crisp cold weather. They said it was supposed to be like this all day, so I took Ein to the park both days and had planned on taking my new metal detector out mid-week.

It started off the same, ice fog in the morning, and changed to… fog.

And stayed that way the rest of the week. So didn’t get to try out the metal detector yet.

Other than that, week 3 of pics are done. I think I will continue this way, putting them in the PoTD section daily, but doing a weekly update post of them. That way I don’t spam the front page, facebook, or twitter.

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an update

by David

Yeah yeah, I keep saying I’ll do it more regularly, but I think you all have noticed by now I don’t.

Back to a normal schedule at work, sun-weds. Great to have my 3 day weekends back. And so far this year has started off rather crappy. Got a really bad cold, which turned into broncitis, then pneumonia! Yay! Full week off work due to that, and I still am not over the coughing.

Back is so far taking working back in the field pretty well, get the days that it hurts, but massage therapy is helping.

Anyways, got some movies, games, clothing, and a blu-ray player for xmas. And as always, Meg was spoiled as hell.

Until next time. Be well.

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