Very happy with the outcome this year, I raised more than last year and our team raised $1650.

LONG night and played lots of games!

For next year, we are going to work on a few idea’s to make it even better for both us and our sponsors.

Anyways, I need some sleep. :)


i thank you

by David

I’ve grabbed a few hours sleep and got up to watch my New England Patriots play against my most hated team, The Slugs.

But I wanted to take this moment to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for those that donated!

Jason A.
Rich & Stacey T.
Robber Tom
My parents
Rial L.
Bob & Kerry S.
Barb S.
Ike O.
Sue A.
Ron & Juliette L.
Nalani K.

Thank you!

Even Ein was playing


As the day approaches, i’m getting much more anxious.

I can feel myself starting to twitch, my feet crying out for me to stop already, even though I haven’t started.

Depriving myself of sleep, day after day, just to put on that shirt.

Being with like-minded friends and cohorts, who I get to see once, maybe twice a year.

What do I speak of? PAX of course!

If you’re going, see you there! But this time in Boston! New England baby!

Seriously, i’m excited. And I get to see a cousin of mine who lives out there. But I also feel like i’m going home. I haven’t been back to New England in years, and can’t wait.


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