I’m doing it again!

And there’s some great prizes this year as well, so get on over there and take a look!

Specially if you want to go to PAX!

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Time is closing in. I have less than 36 hours before I start my 24 hour marathon of gaming!

It will include games from my 360, tablet, laptop, and since I will be over at someone’s house with others doing this, tabletop, card, and board games. All so we can keep gaming for the kids all night long!

For those new to here, Extra Life raises money for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals by gamers doing an epic 24 hours of gaming. And we ask for you to sponsor us! More info at http://www.extra-life.org

As I write this, I am currently at $221 of my $1000 goal. And I appreciate every cent of it!

I know there’s a few people sitting on the fence, not sure if they want to do it or not.

So here is what I am going to do…


so this is how it will work. The person that gives the most will have their choice of any one of the items. The remainder will be given away at random. And don’t worry if you’re out of town. I will mail it to you!

The items you asK?

CAH Expansions 1 & 2

We Didn’t Playtest This at All

PAX 2012 Challenge Coin

Bioshock Franchise Pack on Steam

Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam

Payday The Heist on Steam

I will also included two 6-packs (1 6-pack each) to this pile of my next home brew. My plan is to make a Honey Basil ale.

Video games are on Steam, so you will need a free account from them. The other items will be mailed to you.

To try and win one of these items, visit my donation page and sponsor me with a pledge today!

Even $10 will be great!

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So i’m back from Boston and PAX:E 2012. My feet feel like raw meat and I think I managed to get the paxpox this time. Will know tomorrow I think.

This year felt different. I can’t place my finger on it. But overall it was still a great show. The attendee’s and costumes were amazing, as were the Enforcers. Even with those that will remain nameless on this post, but you can find out here.

I was once again an Exhibitor Assistant for Microsoft’s Xbox, so thank you Jenny, Allison, and Beth for putting up with me for another 5 days. I absolutely love working with you folks each time!

And new this time were:
The Behemoth: Emil and crew. Thanks for everything! I think my wife is going to steal my pink knight since I didn’t get her a shirt. :p

Twisted Pixel: Maaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww….. That’s what my wife said when I told her I was working with you folks. I don’t know how you did it, but you made that space you had work! Even with the raffle, it was a feat for sure! Great job!

Demiurge Studios: I don’t know what to say. I almost started to wonder if you would ever need anything from me, but I finally got my quest from you. Find your chairs. :p Glad you had a good showing!

And to all of you named, glad you had a great show and look forward to seeing you next time!

I didn’t get to do as much as I would of liked since I was so busy, but I did manage to meet a few new people that were great. And made a new friend as well. And I hope to get Meg to go next year so her and I can go around Boston. I really do want her to see New England. But maybe I will hold off until the fall. :)

Most of the pics are on my Facebook page and a few video’s on YouTube, which I should be adding a few more, depending on how they turned out.

In any case, here’s a few i’m partial to:

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by David

So in Feb we put in an offer on a house that we found and Meg had fell in love with. Time after time we would get false info from the ASSet manager, stringing us along.

Then a few weeks ago, I get a call from my sister telling me that my dad, who had just been put on the heart transplant list a few weeks before, is getting a new heart. So I head out to Virginia to be there.

That Saturday, I get a call from our agent, Nalani Young of Northwest Prudential, who has been absolutely wonderful, telling us Wells Fargo finally approved our offer. That news, along with the transplant being a success, made for a great feeling.

So our closing is set for Sept 6th. Which makes for a VERY busy two weeks. We have PAX, then spend a week with my brother Brett in Cali, then back here to sign the papers.

I need that vacation. But the stress taken off our back waiting, is a relief. And knowing my dad is getting a second chance, is a blessing.

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive.

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As the day approaches, i’m getting much more anxious.

I can feel myself starting to twitch, my feet crying out for me to stop already, even though I haven’t started.

Depriving myself of sleep, day after day, just to put on that shirt.

Being with like-minded friends and cohorts, who I get to see once, maybe twice a year.

What do I speak of? PAX of course!

If you’re going, see you there! But this time in Boston! New England baby!

Seriously, i’m excited. And I get to see a cousin of mine who lives out there. But I also feel like i’m going home. I haven’t been back to New England in years, and can’t wait.


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yeah yeah

by David

I haven’t posted in awhile, been sort of in a funk. If you follow me on Facebook, you saw what happened in Dec.

If you don’t, I had to put my beagle, Mabel, down. She had developed cancer some time ago and it finally got the better of her. We had her cremated and buried her at my parents house with one of their other beagles.

Christmas was good. Was helpful spending it with my parents, seeing my sister and two of my nieces and nephew. The trip coming back though was rather rough.

The storms wreaked havoc on many people’s travel plans. Including ours. Flights coming back home were cancelled, delayed, causing us to sleep in airports and take two days to get home. We were rather upset with Southwest’s policies. They do not give meal voucher’s, refunds, or hotel accommodations. The return trip tickets were put onto our accounts for use at a later date and they made a token apology by giving us both a $200 voucher, so that pays for our trip to Arizona for spring training and my trip to PAX:East.

And now we have a cat that has renal failure. Not looking forward to the that end.

/whine off

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I’m a week late, so shoot me. :p

For those that have seen my twitter posts before or that have been over to our place, have seen that we’ve got a Kinect. I actually had it for awhile since I was quite lucky to be selected to be part of the beta test for it. And of course, there being a NDA, could not talk about it unless someone was here and played around with it.

But since its been out now for a few weeks, i’m more than free to talk about my thoughts.

Up until I got it a week before PAX, I was a bit skeptical. Things said about lag, motion capture, and it being a novelty, all sort of actually pushed me away from it since something like this really hadn’t worked in the past with other platforms.

But after hooking it up and playing around with it, I was hooked. Meg sat and watched the first few times, not really all that interested in it since she had her Wii. But after getting her to play around with Kinect Adventure’s (which comes with the retail Kinect), Kinect Joy Ride, and Kinect Sports, she was loving it. I think she said it best the first time she tried it while I was at work when she called me and said ‘OMG, this thing is kicking my butt! I’m totally tired now!’ It had given her more of a work out then the Wii ever did.

Rewinding a bit.

Setup was not all that hard, and maybe a bit exciting for me considering i’m a techno-geek, once I figured out a small issue since I didn’t read the instructions fully. Since I had the original Halo 360 console, I had to use the splitter that comes in the box to power the Kinect sensor, but if you have one of the new 360 Slims, it will be powered directly from the console.

After turning it on, doing some updates, and trying several times to get through the setup (remember that not reading the instructions part above?), I found that you must have the sensor’s USB connector plugged INTO the back of the 360, not the front ports. And it cannot go through a USB hub either. This is due to the amount of information transmitted back and forth and hub’s split the time between ports, this goes for the 2 front one’s as well. They’re not on a dedicated bus. But I got it up and running.

The tutorial does say 6-8 feet of distance, but I found that 8-10 feet was the sweet spot. Being at 6 feet caused the sensor to miss some things. This required us to move the couch back and the coffee table out of the way and moving one lamp for better lighting, but once that was done, things were good.

Joyride was the first game I played and it was alot of fun. Sports had some fun things in it, but it seemed a bit Wii-ish in characteristics. And when Adventure’s finally came around, I had so much fun playing it that I did not heed the warning about taking breaks. I suffered the next day with muscle’s I didn’t even remember having being rather sore. And during this time, I really saw no lag to speak of, the motion detecting at times was a little rough though. This required a quick recalibration since the sensor would be vibrated out of position a little from our ‘spongy’ floors. But overall the experience overall was enjoyable.

The voice recognition works surprisingly well and is a real convience to use when pausing a movie, sports viewing in the ESPN blade, or launching something. One thing, it doesn’t distinguish between players voices, so this might be a nuisance if too many people are calling out different commands while playing around. The one feature that is missing that they had talked about at E3 was the Xbox on/off. This was left out during development. And from an interview on Major Nelson’s podcast with Alex Kipman, he stated that would require the 360 and sensor to be using some power at all times, so it was opted to be left out.

The automatic sign-in works a majority of the time. Where I’ve done the Kinect ID 4 times or so, Meg’s only done it once or twice, and it shows. 90% of the time it recognizes me as long as the light is decent, and signs me in. But Meg has only about a 25% success rate. It does state though the more you do the connect ID in various lighting or time of day conditions, the more success it will have.

Overall, Meg and I really like it. I don’t see how it would work with FPS’s though, but with adventure and party games, its going to be great. This is actually a great product to get the whole family involved. It has something for everyone and gets you off the couch. And the friends and family that we have come over have enjoyed it themselves as well. A few even now owning it themselves. I can see our Wii now sitting unused except for the Netflix streaming on the TV in the bedroom.

On my brothers. At last contact, both are doing well despite the conditions and pick up in fighting over there. But the packages my family has been sending have been helping. I also ran across this back a month ago: 101010-M-1880C-075

That’s my one brother, 1stSgt Jonathan Wyble. He was injured not to long ago in an IED explosion, and thankfully only received minor wounds and a stage 3 concussion.

Now back to trying to get rid of this damn cold. So until next time, be well.

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So it was that time again this year. And god am I sore. PAX:Prime has come and gone.

Not much I can say about it that hasn’t already been published somewhere else, except to reiterate just how damn awesome this convention is. Getting see people I only talk with online, play games with, and occasionally speak with, is well worth the vacation time, the pain endured, and the bittersweetness of parting ways for another year.

But this time, it won’t be a year. Least for me it won’t, because I will be going to PAX:East. Yay!

So this year I was a Silver Assistant (Thanks PRD for giving me this chance <3). This entails me working closely with several exhibitors and helping out others and attendee's in the expo hall. All of my exhibitors were just friggin fantastic and I would like to thank each one: Rooster Teeth: Gus, Geoff, Bernie, and the rest of you, thanks for gifts and not killing me for checking on you guys occasionally to make sure you were alright. You’ve been a barrel of laughs ever since I found you folks at my original PAX and look forward to the future.

Mega64: Rocco, Derrick, Shawn and Eric. You guys just plain out rock. And no, I didn’t forget Garrett, you sir, are just one crazy mofo. Thanks for being gentle with a first year SA and for the DVD’s. Look forward to the video you shot on the floor. And my wife loves you guys for helping her win one of the DSi’s.

Sweet Kitty: Thank you for the Yan Yan, the cookies, and the laughs. Meg thanks you for the Totoro pin, she gets the biggest grin on her face when I mention it. See you in the store soon!

Open Chord LLC: You’ve made me want to actually learn to play guitar now. The product you have developed is great and I would LOVE to get one. I had a blast the two times I actually had the time to play and know I will again soon. Good luck and hope to see you next PAX!

Fugazo: Frobots looks like its going to do well, I know we will be getting it as soon as it shows up on WiiWare. Hope to see more from you folks going forwards!

Art Institute of Seattle: Your video blew my mind. You have some very talented students and I just know I will see some of their work in future games.

A few things I am looking forward to from the show: The Old Republic, Kinect, Windows 7 Phone, Portal 2 (OMFG, hurry it up!!! :p ), Duke Nukem Forever (no joke, its coming, though it would of been classic if they would of said ‘psych!’ heh), Halo: Reach, TRON, and a few other items i’m missing.

I would also like to thank the folks that manned the Plantronics booth for their appreciation and understanding while I helped get their setup issue’s taken care of. It was a pleasure talking with you! And Lars, if you happen to somehow find this, if you guys get a headset that cups the ears, you’ve got a customer right here! Fell in love with my Voyager Pro the moment I bought it and have no doubt your headset would do the same.

And to Chinny Chuang of Zalman, pleasure helping you out and thanks for the smiles, they helped relieve the stress of the crowds.

And lastly, to my fellow Enforcers, we did it again. ELand kept us all alive! Love the hell out of you guys and see you all in the trenches again at PAX:East. And if I forgot anyone, my apologies, tired and it wasn’t intentional.

*UPDATE* I just realized that I owe a big thanks to SpyderZ, Zalvinar, and Ailadinya for their input and support for my first time in this position. Thank you so much.

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by David


I know, its been a month. Haven’t really been doing much actually, so its why I haven’t posted. And some the stuff I’d like to post about would actually be an invite for some flaming. Politics, both state and federal.

Anywho. Been just playing Borderlands and the new Arcade on the 360.

Also went and saw Alice but I don’t feel its really worth talking about. My personal opinion, the best part of the whole movie was the credits, where the plants/fungi were growing.

No, didn’t goto Pax East, and I was actually ‘grumpy’ (as my wife put it) that weekend. But good news is, Pax Prime is coming! Click on that link for news and to order your badges now! If you don’t, they will sell out fast, and you won’t get one.

Lastly, i’ve now been using Audible.com for a year and a half and can’t recommend this enough. As a book worm, i’ve found that with work, marriage, and other obligations, it has become harder to be able to read as much. So I had started using Audible and highly suggest you take a look at it yourself. You get 1-2 books per month with your plan, which are yours to keep and can be put onto many different devices.

I think I will start doing picks with my posts and as my first one, I would like to recommend Daemon by Daniel Suarez, narrated by Jeff Gurner.

And as a special offer: Try Audible Now and Get A Free Audiobook Download with a 14 Day Trial. Choose from over 75,000 Titles. The book is yours to keep for free with no obligation as long as you cancel within 14 days. But I don’t think you will, its an amazing service.

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by David


Just finished up with a homemade batch and they taste sooooo good. I love cooking and didn’t ever think of making these myself. Thanks to Cali over at GeekBrief.tv for the recipe. If you are of the mind to make some, here is the link. Its a two parter, so make sure you watch both. And she has the recipe in the comments section as well.

Other then that, this week hasn’t been much of anything. Back’s been a little sore and missed my massage therapy appt over the weekend due to the insurance companies idiocy.

Saw Avatar with my buddy Kenny. Visual pr0n. Story was so-so.

And went to The Airlock again Sunday and Weds night. I knew I missed playing Battletech, but never realized how much. And I CAN’T wait until Red Planet shows up again, need some Martian Football!!!

If you love the Mechwarrior series and/or played tabletop Battletech, GO CHECK IT OUT! They have most all the basic mechs and even 400+ variants. This is what you have:
Tesla II Pod

I will be there again this Saturday night with some the Enforcers from PAX. So say hi. And if you go another night, tell UglyMan (the owner) you heard about it from me. I don’t get any kickbacks or such, but its nice to let him know where he’s getting customers from.

“Kerensky’s people have returned. They are the Clans.”

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