I’ve been in customer service for a long time and because of this, I become annoyed when I see crappy customer interactions.

Recently, I had an issue with some characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic by Bioware. Several of my character’s were flagged for renaming, even though I should not have been. I petitioned explaining what was going on. I receive a response from a rep a day later telling me “We appreciate any feedback from our players but as the devs do not see this, it is best if you post your suggestions on the forums! The devs will then take your suggestions and look into them.”

I was confused as to how they gave me that answer since it had NOTHING to do with my petition. They had closed my petition so I had to open a new one. I then explained again the problem and that I did not want to rename my characters due to their obvious error. This petition was closed, no response.

I call in this time. The rep repeated everything I said to make sure he understood. He told me that he could create a petition for me since they’re not able to deal with in game issues. I log on today and see a reply to it telling me that ‘in game mechanics do not yet exist for players to reserve character names’ and they close it as ‘resolved through email.’

Two things there that blew me away. They TOTALLY misread the petition again, the one that the rep put in this time. And then closed it saying resolved through email. I NEVER got an email from them!

I opened yet another petition asking them if they even read the petitions and a long winded letter about how frustrated I was with their service and how they do not obviously want people to play their game and no wonder they’ve lost so many players.

So what did they do this time?

They banned me. “Abuse of the GM staff.”

So Bioware… you can kiss my….. I had respect for you and your games. I now have none and will no longer buy your games.