by David

So the #Mariners did it again. Traded away another decent player for “prospects to be named later.”

So tired of the upper management doing this crap. It’s time for Howard Lincoln to be fired and get a management team with some brass balls who aren’t afraid to actually do something!

Everytime we supposedly get a good player, they flounder. Then they’re traded away and they blow up! Why? Because they know they’re going to be traded, so why should they actually put any effort into helping a team who isn’t interested in helping them?

I will not be buying anymore tickets or supporting the team anymore until things change. This has been going on now for 8 years, and they just keep saying “We’re in the midst of rebuilding and putting together a quality team!” For 8 years?!

Albert Einstein said it best… Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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