Last night I had a bit of a scare dealing with my heart. It was something that was bothering me for the last day and a half until last night when it was really bad. I kept feeling this thumping, squeezing, cough inducing sensation in my upper chest/lower throat.

I called Valley Meds doctor line and spoke to the on call who asked me a series of questions and then told me to hang up and call 911.

Within 5 minutes of me calling 911, the first responders were pulling up. In all, a fire engine, paramedics, and ambulance.

Luckily, it was not a heart attack, the EKG was clean on that. But the heart monitor was showing irregular heart beats and my blood pressure was 158/93. Normally it’s 110/70ish.

Once at the hospital, they ran tests, blood work, xrays and settled upon what they call PVC, or Premature Ventricular Contraction. In my case, the bottom portion of my heart would pump twice in a quick beat, inducing a pause (skipped heart beat), and then a normal beat. That normal beat afterwards, as it was explained to me, was the sensation I was getting. The heart was filled with more blood than usual and had to pump harder to get it out.

They said it’s not something to really worry about at this stage, but I do need to make an appt with my doctor for some other tests. I think it may actually be caused by my new meds i’ve been on for about two months now. But we shall let them decide.

I also wanted to give a big thank you to the emergency personnel that showed up last night. It was shockingly quick and am happy to have first responders that good. Tukwila, Washington Fire dept, paramedic’s, and Tri-Med ambulance service.