school days

by David

I’m officially a college student. I decided to enter University of Phoenix’s study program and work towards an Associate of Arts: Information Technology degree. After which I will then pursue my Electrical Engineering degree.

I also took the Network Tech class at Comcast and passed it! Pretty excited about that!

All these steps will put me towards my eventual goal with engineering at Comcast. But by having these degree’s, I should be that much more valuable.

Paying for it is student loans. So now comes my asking you for help.

GotChosen does monthly scholarships and a $40,000 one as well. No essays. No GPA. Just that it must be used for educational expenses.

To win this, I need sponsors!!!! That’s where YOU come in. And don’t worry, it’s free, doesn’t cost you.

To sponsor me, click me and sign up. That’s it!

Meg and I would really appreciate it!

Oh, and I have a White House Honey Ale in the secondary right now. :p

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Back in March I had talked about a card I recieved telling me I was nominated for the 2008 Circle of Success – Hero of Valor Award. Today was the luncheon for the Washington Region where all the nominee’s were honored.

And the outcome? This:


I was totally not expecting this at all, and actually, don’t really feel I had done anything extrordinary. I saw people in need and helped. Thinking about what I had done afterwards though, yeah, could of been a bit stupid, but luckily, everyone was fine.



by David

Well, things haven’t changed much here lately.

I’m still with out a solid job, just been working temp stuff for the last month or so. But I did have my interview with Comcast about a week and half ago, This is the week they said they would call to let me know one way or another.

Other then that, been playing Half-Life 2 and Everquest 2, besides working on the other site, ahazi.org.

Meg started her new job today. She’s been pretty giddy about it, finally getting her foot in the door on something she went to college for.

That’s it for now.

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