In yesterday’s Super Bowl, there was a commercial that has invoked a lot of responses from people. That commercial is Coke’s America the Beautiful.

In this commercial, there are people who sing parts of the song in their native language. If you have not seen it, please view below. I will continue on the other side.

Now that you’ve seen it if you had not yet. What were your feelings?

Did you think it beautiful, encompassing what America is about? If you did, you’re part of the group that understood the concept. That America is beautiful because it is a melting pot of many different cultures. This is how I felt about it, and I was promptly accused of promoting the liberal agenda for it. LOL….

If you felt offended, hopefully not because you were insulted that they “sang the national anthem” in another language. First off, it’s not the national anthem. The Star Spangled Banner is.

But in any case, that reaction is racist. Pure and simple. And for you to say that you’re insulted that they would show you what this country is really about is idiotic.

The reason I say this is because of what I said a few sentences back. That America is a melting pot. We have thousands of immigrants that come to this country every year. Most of these people do not speak American (we don’t speak English). Most will learn how to speak it. Some will not, oh well. That’s their choice.

We promote and encourage people to honor and respect their heritages. Many families teach their children their native language as well as American. Even third generations are learning this and it is all they speak at home and when they deal with other’s of their ethnicity. But because you can’t understand it, you have to get all uppity about it.

We are a young country when compared to the rest of the world. We do not have centuries of heritage, we just have over 240 years of history. Germany, Italy, France, and so on have eons. So we do not have our own identity, we have hundreds. And I am pretty certain that most of you that are reading this can look back to when your ancestors came to this country did not speak anything but their native language. Besides, did you know that we have Native Americans that do not speak American? Go up to Alaska and visit the Inuit, you will find some that only speak their language.

While American English is the common language, it is not the official language. We do not have one.

Stop being racist. We are supposed to welcome immigrants with open arms. We are supposed to share our cultures with each other to promote friendship. We are supposed to be proud of our heritage and ancestry.

And to those of you shitbirds in uniform that are saying “I feel un-American drinking coke, I took an oath to defend this country.” Grow. The. Hell. Up!

I took that same oath! You need to grab a book on the history of the United States and read about immigration. And I DARE you to say that to some of your fellow brother/sisters in arms that ARE NOT citizens! Those individuals that are from Mexico or the Philippines serving THIS nation even though they’re not citizens. They’re doing it because they KNOW what this country is about. Because obviously, you don’t.

Here’s some shaming of racist morons (one is supposedly Ms. Kansas): http://publicshaming.tumblr.com/post/75447787843/speak-english-racist-revolt-as-coca-cola-airs