school days

by David

I’m officially a college student. I decided to enter University of Phoenix’s study program and work towards an Associate of Arts: Information Technology degree. After which I will then pursue my Electrical Engineering degree.

I also took the Network Tech class at Comcast and passed it! Pretty excited about that!

All these steps will put me towards my eventual goal with engineering at Comcast. But by having these degree’s, I should be that much more valuable.

Paying for it is student loans. So now comes my asking you for help.

GotChosen does monthly scholarships and a $40,000 one as well. No essays. No GPA. Just that it must be used for educational expenses.

To win this, I need sponsors!!!! That’s where YOU come in. And don’t worry, it’s free, doesn’t cost you.

To sponsor me, click me and sign up. That’s it!

Meg and I would really appreciate it!

Oh, and I have a White House Honey Ale in the secondary right now. :p

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free time?

by David


Well, not totally true. I’ve been busy but also just been lazy. Getting out has been more of a priority when the days have sun. And also another obligation i’ve taken on recently.

The beer has turned out rather well. Gave it out to a few people to try and everyone has liked it so far, even a few asking for another bottle or two or two of it. Its got a smooth taste with a slight citrus and banana undertone. Turned out a bit darker then I had expected with the amber malt I mixed in with it. But its so nice.

Yesterday was Meg’s surprise Bday party. She was a little upset ( :p) with me because she doesn’t like surprises, and she had said ‘I’ve never been tricked before!’ Guess it was a success then.

Have really been to any movies or such lately since Meg and I are trying to save up for a house. And I am still working on finishing Borderlands.

Ancestor by Scott Sigler

This isn’t out just yet, but I have a copy of the first self-published version and I would recommend this book. Comes out June 22nd and will be coming to a city near you. He also has many other audiobooks you can download for free.

“The ancestors are out there … you have to believe me.”

Acclaimed author Scott Sigler, New York Times bestselling creator of INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS, offers a chilling tale of what can happen when hubris, greed, and madness drive scientific experimentation past the brink of reason.

Every five minutes, a transplant candidate dies while waiting for a compatible heart, a liver, a kidney. Imagine a technology that could provide those life-saving transplant organs for a nominal fee … and imagine what a company would do to monopolize that technology.

On a remote island in the Canadian Arctic, PJ Colding leads a group of geneticists who have discovered this holy grail of medicine. By reverse-engineering thousands of animal genomes, Colding’s team has dialed back the evolutionary clock and re-created the progenitor of all mammals. The method? Illegal. The result? A computer-engineered living creature, an animal whose organs can be implanted in any person, with no chance of transplant rejection.

There’s just one problem: these ancestors are not the docile herd animals that Colding’s team envisioned. Instead, Colding’s work has given birth to something big, something evil…something very, very hungry.

As creators become prey in an ultimate battle for survival, Colding and the woman he loves must fight to survive — even as government agents close in to shut the project down, and the deep-pocketed company backing this research reveals its own cold-blooded agenda.

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The beer has been bottled. It seems to have finished fermentation as I hadn’t seen any air escaping from the airlock in 2 days. But from what I gathered, wheat tends to ferment pretty quickly. The alcohol content might be a little low though.

Original Gravity – 1.052
Final Gravity – 1.018

Gives it about a 4.6%. This may go up a bit though while finishing in the bottle. But the taste test seemed to be a good indication that the product is coming along with out any other hitches. Had a nice sweet, banana-like aroma and a hint of citrus.

It filled 46 bottles (plus one plastic soda bottle as a carbonation indicator). So now to just let it sit there for 2 weeks or so.

Any suggestions on what I might try next?



by David

Two posts in one day?

Well golly gee Mary-Lou!

Yup. Just had to share this.

I bought my first home brewers kit today. I’ve wanted one for quite awhile but just never got to doing it. But after having watched Beer Wars, I said Screw The Man! and bought my own.

Now i’m not by any means going to stop supporting my local breweries, but learning that a particular company has over 30 brands of micro’s (which are actually macro’s) just to push out the small guy, decided that’s that.

So I think I will start doing log entries about how it goes.

First off, i’m going to make a Hefe (wheat) beer. I will be using the pre-packaged kit so I can learn the basics first off.

So off to the kitchen.