Login: jaxx                               Name: David Wyble
On Internet Since: 1992 Age: 41
Job: Technical Location: Tukwila, Wa
Email: jaxx@thejaxx.net Status: Married

Hobbies: Gaming, web design, lan parties, camping

Favorite Games: Mechwarrior Series (xcept 3), Half-Life incl CS, EverQuest, Anarch-Online, Tribes I/II, Zelda, Tron, Mass Effect, COD, shall I go on?

Favorite Music: Country, Trance, Old Rock, Old Alternative, Blues, Techno. Wide choices.

Favorite Movie: ALL Star Wars, StarTrek’s, any Kubricks, Clerks, 2001, 2010, BladeRunner, and many more.

Favorite TV: Kindred: The Embraced, X-Files, Farscape, StarTrek, Home Improvement,Battlestar Galactica, True Blood, 24,Deadliest Catch, a lot of nick at night shows.

Computer Info: I have four here at home, one co-located else where, and a bunch of parts. I first got into computers way back in junior high, the vic20, coco, com64, etc. I have never been to school for computers. All I know I am self taught or learned from others. I know my way around FreeBSD systems, enough to get me in trouble. I also run XP, 2k, Win98, and a Mandrake box. And testing out Win 7 which is better then Vista.

Systems: Out of date, will update soon.
Past Things: I started the Las Vegas Gamers Assoc (www.lvga.org) with some others back in 1998 and retired from doing that. Currently i’m involved with PAX (http://www.pennyarcadeexpo.com), Extra-Life, and several other community groups.