the dog

by David

I’ve had multiple dogs through my life. While growing up, Shih-tzu’s and a German Shepard. After the Marine Corp, while living in Las Vegas, I got a Beagle since I always wanted one. I lost her four years ago to cancer, but she had lived a long sixteen years.

Two and half years ago I got Meg a Corgi pup.

These dogs are so unlike any other dog. They are extremely smart, almost to smart for their own good.
They are very expressive, you can actually tell what they’re thinking, it’s almost scary.
They are really friendly. They love everyone, to the point even though you had not yet met, you’re still their friend.
They are hilarious. They just love life and do what they can to get a laugh and a belly scratch from you.
They are the perfect size dog. Not to big, not to small. A big dog in a little dog’s body.

They also worm their way into your heart.

If you had not heard, Ein has cancer. He had surgery a month back to remove as much of the tumor as possible with the hope of restoring his breathing and figuring out what was going on. In that aspect, it worked. He’s able to breath through his nose and he’s back to his old self for the most part.

It’s also given us more time with him. Unfortunately, it’s not curable due to the location. While we’re not sure how much longer, Meg and I are thankful for each day we get with him longer.


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